• Shady Lawn House

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    The owners wanted a home office for massage therapy. We created a distinct basement entry sequence for this area. There were many challenges on the site. It back of the house has a beautiful view sloping down to a ravine to the north. The front of the house faces south.   We wanted to get sunlight and a connection with the exterior for the massage treatment room while maintaining privacy. We created a walk out basement area with a sunken courtyard garden inspired by Japanese gardens. Large corner doors slide open to connect the massage room with this sunken courtyard. There is a small pool of water and fountain on one side and bamboo grows on the other.

    Also the owners wanted a small ‘away room’ where they could watch tv or read and feel connected with the landscape. We created a separate addition on the end of the home opposite the massage treatment area. It floats on steel posts over the sloping landscape and is angled to take advantage of views. The simple steel posts eliminate the need for a foundation and make the new addition touch the ground very lightly, preserving as much of the natural landscape as possible.

    The existing house was very small and we didn’t want the additions to overwhelm it. We made the new two story massage treatment office/master suite a separate structure. It’s only connection to the existing house is a glass bridge on the main level between the existing living room and the new master suite. This bridge serves as a roof over the lower level entry into the massage treatment office.

    In the ‘away room’ we wanted privacy from the street side, but also wanted to bring light into the room as this is the south facing view. We placed several small square windows into a wall of bookcases on this wall. The framed views are like art objects in the bookcases

    We used a butt-glazed corner window in the master bedroom to help open the room to the view.


    Designed by David Arneson while employed at DesignSpec.