• work for csa

    Center Studio Architecture needs help producing drawings and supporting our architects.

    Maybe you can help.


    -are a proactive problem-solver

    -are eager to learn and collaborate with others

    -have Revit/Archicad/BIM software experience


    -are a small studio with six members

    -work on homes, multifamily, restaurants, retail, adaptive reuse, and urban infill projects

    -recognize the power we carry as designers of public and private spaces, and treat it as a privilege

    and responsibility.

    -acknowledge the profound lack of racial and gender diversity in our industry, and name the structural

    barriers that created and maintain those dynamics. We are learning how to work against the status quo.

    -do not abide unhealthy work habits. When the day is done, it’s time to be awesome parents, musicians,

    leaders, secret agents, activists, and lovers.

    -eat together, joke around, and work diligently to complete our projects


    -you’re right out of architecture or technical school


    -tell us who you are and what interests you; email us at [email protected]